Studio coming along!

I was hoping to post pictures of the studio’s transition from 1 car garage to studio today, but alas by the time I finished cutting the grass (we have 3 1/2 acres) and weeding a few of the flower beds, I just plain couldn’t move. Having Fibro is the pits as it really limits how long or how much I can do at the most inappropriate or wrong times! Oh well, such is life and I shall not whine (for the moment) about the cards dealt me in life.

DH (Darling hubby for those not familiar with some shortcut terms used on the web) put up all the paneling on the wall in what will be the kitchen/entry way area. Now that THAT’s done, I can finish doing the ceiling and then comes putting down the wood laminate for that part of the studio. Have to go find carpeting and once’s that’s down then comes the cabinets and I can start moving things from house to studio and getting it organized! Let me see if I can get some pictures on here tomorrow.

Haven’t done any art quilts or sewing of any kind the past few weeks as life simply wouldn’t slow down enough but promise you I’ll get something for you soon.

Have a wonderful day and will talk with you tomorrow!

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