Busy, busy, busy!!

I’m a baddddddddd girl!! I did not get the pictures taken of the quilt studio renovations as promised, but I do have a very good reason. My reason is 1) a trip to the dentist office, 2) a lunch date with my dear hubby and 3) having to go and buy 3/4 inch round wood trims for the corners of the studio where the paneling meets. We tried the material you are supposed to use, but it just didn’t look right so on to the hardware store for the necessary wood trim.

Tomorrow they are supposed to come and level and gravel the horseshoe driveway around my studio so I don’t know what all is going to happen there. Perhaps I can get pictures of the driveway AND the inside renovations and get them posted. Just need to be able to get them to they aren’t so dern large when I post them. If it rains, then the driveway won’t be completed and I’ll end up going to the pole barn to stain the trim that’s going around the windows and later will do some more work on the ceiling.

Until tomorrow. Have a great evening or a fantastic day – guess it depends on which side of the world you are on!

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