Finally, sunshine!

Finally, it has stopped raining and the sun is shining. Now, what does that statement mean? Well, it means that the driveway which encircles my studio can now be finished. Also, I’m going to show some pictures of the renovations taking place inside the studio. Before I show the pictures, just remember it was a 16×26 foot one car garage with an automatic roll up door. Now that the  old door has been removed , a lovely french door is in its place, with outside trim and carriage lights with movement sensors that automatically turn on the lights when something is near the building.  As you can see from the pictures, I’ve still a  long way to go before I will be able to do some real “creative” work inside. Although, one COULD argue that the work going on now is a touch of creativity. Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think I should do in terms of decorating!

Welcome to the Drake's Nest

Long shot with paneling and new trim for the windows

Long view kitchen area with new paneling in place and stove

Loft storage area with new ceiling fan and lights

New ceiling done in antique tin-type tile wall covering

Partially finished ceiling with new tract lighting

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