Besser Museum Basket Display/show

I belong to the Thunder Bay Basket Guild and we are putting on a display of basketry at the Besser Museum in Alpena, MI sometime around July 8 or so. I know I have 4 baskets that have to be there on July 6th for the display to be organized. I’m thrilled to have 4 pieces of my work being shown. Couldn’t help but tease my DS about his “old” madre having pieces being shown in a museum. It’s a little competition we have going and he’s working on having a one-man show. I so hope it goes through for him as he is a very talented young man and I don’t say this just because he’s my son. I may even have enough time to work on another pine needle basket for display and take out one of the others. We may display up to 10 baskets each. We shall see.

I will be working on some designs honoring the artist and pilots who flew the planes containing some beautiful art work on the nose of the plane.  Those are going to take a bit of doing, but I think it will make a very interesting quilt. Will keep you updated on that project, at the moment it’s on the drawing board.

Have a wonderful creative day and remember to “think outside the box!”

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