Spring Cleaning

While I’m waiting for the dust to settle from some of the recent renovations to the Studio, decided I needed to do some spring cleaning inside. It is amazing just how much dust accumulates on the ceiling fans during the winter. Because of all the closed windows and doors, one doesn’t realize just how stale and stagnant the air inside becomes. So throw open the windows and begin blowing the dust inside, outside. Of course there is another reason for all this cleaning, my 92-year-old mother in law and my sister-in-law are coming for a visit next month, THAT means that everything must be dusted, sewing put away, basket making put away, weaving put away — well, you get the general picture of what is getting done.

The studio is getting done and we’ve covered three-quarters of the ceiling. It’s looking great! Still can’t get over how realistic the tiles look!

Ceiling "tile" covering

Ceiling Tile wall covering

Can’t wait to show pictures of the next phase of the studio, once the ceiling is done that is. The next phase will be to put up the window and door trim and then put down the wood laminate flooring and the carpeting! Once that is down then we select the cabinets and countertop and make the work/sewing island. If all goes well, will be working in there by Fall, if not before.

I have a few projects in mind and can’t wait to get them started. In the meantime, the Viking Lilly 545 needs to be serviced and while she is in the shop, I’ll get out the Viking Designer I Limited Edition and start learing all about her capabilities. Life is good here at the Drake’s Nest, mean while, need to get back to cleaning. Talk with you soon.

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