The Play’s the Thing

Well I believe it was Shakespeare that said “All the world’s a stage and we are but actors upon it.” That may well be why I’ve always loved the performing arts and perform every chance I get. For the first two weeks in July I will be performing at the Alpena Civic Theatre in the Radio Mysteries Night. I get to play Agatha Christy and the secretary to Hercule Poirot in the first of three plays being performed. The other two mysteries are a Nero Wolf episode and that of Ellery Queen as well. These are all performed as if they were being presented on the radio including the use of a sound effects man. This young man slams doors, dials phones and even shoots off a pistol to give sound effects for the various story lines, just like they did in the old radio shows of the 30’s and 40’s. Will let you know how it is received.

What I like about this whole affair is that it is geared for the family AND they are doing a special performance for the special needs and developmentally challenged members of our community. I think it is wonderful that this is done without cost to them, they get to see a play and are exposed to letting words make images in their minds.

Any of you remember any  of the old radio shows like Amos and Andy or Abbott and Costello or The Shadow? Would love to hear what you remember.

Until later, have a great day and a brighter tomorrow. – Terri at the Drake’s Nest where the full moon is making diamonds in the reflections on my pond

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