World of One – Mind Body and Spirit Expo

One does not need to be a psychic or alternative medical healer to enjoy the “World of One – Mind, Body and Spirit Expo,” that is being held at the Birch Run Expo Center in Birch Run, Michigan. There are psychic vendors, metaphysical readers, card readers and aura photographers as well as vendors selling candles, heat critters and necktie coolers, herbals, hand-made organic soaps and tee shirts and jewelry. One can also find massages, healthy food, arts and crafts, magnetic jewelry, books and music. It is also a place where money is raised for breast cancer awareness and “No more silence against domestic violence.” There is also a belly dancer exposition, readings and lectures on how to get ones life in balance. For those who believe, this getting in touch with ones spirituality, learning how to cleanse ones body using herbs, gem stones or aura cleansing.

This is my second year of attending and I found it thoroughly enjoyable, as did my skeptical husband. Two of the top people who are a must see when you go there are Ms. Margo, also known as the Bone Reader, and Beverly Stephan, Mystical Visionary Artist, mediumship through an exclusive paint-blending technique. Both women are right on the money with their crafts.

Ms. Margo reads the “bones” that a client scatters in methodical way, i.e., she places objects in your hands while your eyes are closed and you are the one who scatters them about the beaver skin. You do not offer her any information prior to the reading and, for an extra amount of money, you can have the reading taped so that you can listen to what she has to say again. After several scatters, she then tells you the meaning of what lays before you. I was impressed and amazed when she mentioned I was married twice before (one divorce and one death) and I had introduced her to Ray before the reading started. She was  on the mark with the majority she had to say.

Beverly Stephan is a delightful woman who greets you with a smile and tells you what she is going to do. She has you sit in a chair facing her and you gently hold hands and she ask you to invite your spirit guides/totems to you. She then has you stay in a meditative state while she lets go of your hands and does a painting, which some people would say resembles a colorful ink blot test.  She speaks with you the whole time and shows you the painting, which you take home with you, and ask you to tell her what you see and she shows you what she sees. Then she explains the meanings of the various elements you see, such as butterflies, eagles or horses. After the session, she will squirt a bit of antibacterial hand cleaner in your hands as a precaution against picking up a cold or bacteria from hand contact. She says it’s because she holds the hands of so many people, she just wants to be careful. I look forward to seeing Beverly each year and comparing the picture from the previous year when I arrive home. No pictures are ever alike and none are repetitive. I looked at all the pictures that she did and was amazed at what could be seen. At times one could clearly see a face or an Egyptian Scarab or an eagle with wings unfurled.

Like I said, one doesn’t have to believe in anything to have fun at the World of One. It is geared as a family event and even the family pet can be brought along as there’s something there for him as well.

Enjoy your day and may you and yours enjoy all the best that life has to offer. – Terri at the Drake’s Nest where today we have rain, rain and more rain.

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