All the Worlds a Stage!

I haven’t gotten a lot of sewing done these past few weeks nor much work done on the studio renovations. My time has been taken up with being in a play at the Alpena Civic Theatre based on old radio mysteries of the masters like Ellery Queen, Nero Wolfe and Agatha Christi. I play 2 parts in this play – Agatha and the future secretary of Hercule Poirot. On Monday night(the 28th) we put on a performance for the developmentally challenged or “special needs” members of our community. That is a humbling experience and one that makes me see the gifts that we all are given and take for granted. These people don’t normally go to plays or the movies due to their disabilities, i.e., sudden outbursts, constant talking, fidgeting, impulsive behaviors (like running for the emergency exit door in the middle of the play was a distraction for the actors and the theatre goers and presented a challenge for the actors to stay in character and on course), being disruptive or disturbing to a lot of people. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and, both during intermission and immediately after the play, told each actor/actress how much they enjoyed it, what they enjoyed most and that it was “better than TV”! 

Sorry for rambling, but just had to share what was going on with me other than quilting and cleaning out my sewing room to make it habitable for my in-laws when they come visit in 2 weeks. Yikes! 

Have a great day all – Terri at the Drake’s Nest in Ossineke, Michigan where I had to turn on the heat the house got a little too cool!

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