Basket Exhibit at Besser Museum, Alpena, Michigan

After spending a few hours cleaning and pruning the gardens flowers and bushes at Alpena Community College and watering the lobby plants there, I went to the Besser Museum to check on the Basket Exhibit that is being set up. I was there yesterday delivering 5 of my baskets and, because I was later than expected today, got there after everyone had left but still was able to check on its status. The show is scheduled to open July 17th and run through September (the dates may change). Thunder Bay Basket Guild, of which I am a member, will have the majority of the baskets on exhibit plus there will be a guest exhibitor. More on that later. I’ll go back and take some photographs of the show and put them up either here or on my website so that you can get an idea of all the different ways baskets are made, what they might be made of, what weaving might be used for and just some eye candy.

I will be there on August 4th with another member of our Guild demonstrating basket making. I will be demonstrating how to make Pine Needle Baskets which are made out of real pine needles and not artificial materials. More on that later as well. I’ll give exact dates and times when I find that out from the museum and the Guild. So stay tuned and if you live in the area, or within driving distance, make plans to come to the Besser Museum to view not only the Basket Exhibit, but a tribute to WW II and one room school houses. Plus the Brown Trout Festival should be in full swing and there will be plenty to do with Blues Grass Bands and Jazz, craft vendors, and food and — well, just a down right good time.

Until next time, have a wonderful day!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest in stormy Ossineke, Michigan

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