End of Play and Studio update

Well, the play is over and was a lot of fun. I went into our local supermarket today to pick up a fruit platter for the cast party and had 4 people come to tell me that they enjoyed the Radio Murder Mysteries stories. One lady even ran across the store shouting, “See, I told you there was Agatha!” I couldn’t help but giggle that she was calling me by one of the characters I played in the first Act, Agatha Christi. The way people turned and looked, I felt like a Hollywood movie star. ~2~

It was a lot of work and there were problems, but I won’t go into that here as it would serve no purpose. suffice it to say, some people don’t know how to play nice in the sandbox with others!

Went to our local Home Depot today and bought some railing for the top of the wall/ceiling area in the kitchen area and some trim for the windows. While I was “acting,” my darling husband put up the trim and molding around the French doors and the front door. It really looks great. Will get some pictures to put here and on the website.

Say, if anyone knows how to put these little buttons on a blog or website, please let me know. Things like “I dream, create, draw EQ7” or “Miss Prissy’s Quilt Blog.” I copy the URL’s, but they don’t show up on my blog or website at all. Kind of discouraging when I wish to promote someone’s website or blog on mine. All help will be appreciated.

Well, I hear thunder so must close. Pictures soon and, more importantly, hoping to have some peeks at quilts and such. Oh, speaking of the “and such,” I will be putting up pictures of the basket display that the Thunder Bay Basket Guild is putting on at the Besser Museum here in Alpena, Michigan and will post pictures of my baskets in the display.

Have a great day all and all the best – Terri at the Drake’s Nest in rainy Ossineke, Michigan

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