Studio Coming right along!

Well, I’m please to announce that the studio has 1/2 of the floor covered in wood laminate and the rest is soon to follow. The walls in the kitchen area are awaiting the addition of 2 cabinets and a corner base cabinet which has a Lazy Susan inside. The windows now have curtains on them as well as the French Doors. I will post some pictures as soon as I get the opportunity to take them. Have been busy, busy, busy!

While my darling hubby, Ray, was putting down the floor, I was at Alpena Community College watering the plants in the lobby at Besser Tech and planting flowers in the cement pots in the courtyard gardens. I must say it is shaping up after some neglect. Next thing I need to do is take the hedge trimmer and trim the shrubbery. When I have the opportunity to take some pictures of the courtyard gardens and the plaque I was able to get, with the help of three of the college Honor Societies, that dedicates the garden to the students.

I was given some wonderful news the other day, I will be the Official photographer of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival in Alpena, Michigan scheduled for October 7-11th (I think I have the right dates). I will also have a booth there to sell my photos, so that should be a nice gig. I did it last year working with the Light Keeper of the Lighthouse Festival Museum, but not sure if he’ll be there this year as he and his wife are now working AND they are new grandparents. So will be interesting.

Promise to get the photos up of the new renovations as quickly as possible, but don’t think it will be until tomorrow, at the earliest. Have a wonderful day and remember to keep your sunny side up!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest in Ossineke, Michigan where the weather is indeed strange today

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