Studio Renovations, Basket Exhibit and Website Updates

Well, at long last I have some positive pictures to show of the studio renovations. A lot has happened since the last update of many weeks ago and we have been able to get a lot accomplished. The new floor is down, the walls have been finished and the ceiling has only 1 corner to do and it too will be done. Once the one little spot is finished, some of the cabinets will be mounted in their place, my center work table will be delivered in the next few days and some furniture is being transported into its proper place! Wheeeee!!! Can you tell I’m excited. My darling husband told me that I would have a workable studio by fall and he is working hard to keep that promise. It won’t have everything in it that I would like now, like a long-arm sewing machine, but that will come as finances allow. So don’t be surprised to see more changes to the Studio as time progresses. Here is a peek at what’s been done so far in the studio, plus a peek at the basket exhibit I mention below:

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The Besser Museum is hosting the Thunder Bay Basket Guild’s exhibit of Edith Bonding baskets as well as those of the Guild. I have five baskets on display and wish to share a peek of the show.  I’m very excited as having my work exhibited at the local Museum is a thrill for me and something I will long remember. We even had a write-up in the paper about it with one of my baskets being shown! Guess I’ll have to tell my son that I beat him in having a show. Okay, okay, so it’s not MY show literally, but I AM being exhibited so that’s pretty close. Right?! 🙂

I’ve made some changes to the site and added a Guest Artist page. If you are interested in having your work displayed on the website, please contact me at and I’ll let you know how you can be a featured artist. Looking forward to meeting you! I’ve also added some slide shows and changed the way the pages look. Hopefully in the very near future, there will be things for sale on the site and either a direct order page or ordering by sending me a form. I’m still working on the particulars for that.

Hope all are having a wonderful summer. Here in Ossineke, the weather has a touch of fall coolness to its breezes and the days are getting shorter. See you soon and remember, don’t sweat the small stuff, because it is ALL small stuff!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest in cooling Ossineke, MI


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One Response to Studio Renovations, Basket Exhibit and Website Updates

  1. Allie says:

    Wow your studio is looking gorgeous – yep, you’ll need a long-arm before too long! Loved the basket show, they are so beautiful, congrats on “your” show!!!!

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