Just a few items more!

Today the very last section of the ceiling was completed! Wheee, can you see me doing a happy dance?!! I now have the 2 small cabinets stained/sealed and one side of the center work island stained/sealed. There are 2 bookcases up and almost totally filled! WOW do I need to go through some books. Hmm, think THAT statement calls for an alert to a swap of books for fabric in the near future. Will give you more on that as I work out the particulars. In a nutshell, what it will amount to is that I will put a listing on my website of books that I either am no longer interested in, have never used or have duplicates of, that I will swap for either Fat Quarters or yardage of fabric. If it sounds good, just follow my Blog to be alerted when everything is uploaded to my website. Keep watching the Blog too as you never know WHEN I might post a contest or a give-away that could be anything from one of my art quilts, to baskets, to — well I think you get the general idea.

The studio now has a small refrigerator AND a microwave oven. This means that I can now have a hot cup of tea as the stove does not have the necessary power, yet! Getting power for the stove requires having a separate power meter put on the studio and I’m afraid that is a little more money than I have available at the moment, but I am patient and know it will not be that far in the future.

I will be posting pictures just as soon as the studio is completed and everything is put in its place. Hmm, may have to have hubby take a picture of a little ribbon cutting ceremony.

Hope you’ll join me here again at the Drake’s Nest Studio’s where fall is in the air and school bells are not that far off.

Terri at the Drake’s Nest waving goodbye for now!

Website: http://www.drakesneststudios.com

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2 Responses to Just a few items more!

  1. Allie says:

    Sounds like things are moving right along! I can’t wait to see!

    My mom and aunt are going to Harrisville next weekend, I might be joining them, not sure yet – if I do, I’ll give you a holler!

    • That would be wonderful. I would so enjoy meeting you AND your mom and aunt. ~2~ All are welcomed here at the Drake’s Nest. Don’t know if the studio will be finished, but you are welcomed to come see. Harrisville is only 30 minutes away so if you can’t come here, I’ll come there to meet you!! Need to go to Hollyhocks Quilt shop and see what they have that I can’t do without anyway .

      Hugs! – Terri

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