And the Winners are —

May I have a drumroll please <ratatatatatatat dummm> The winners of the Guess the number of Tubs contest and the Mention the date of the grand opening are: BJ Elder of Connecting Threads Love of Art Quilts Group for the date AND being closest to the correct number of tubs unpacked. BJ guessed 47 and the correct number was 48! A prize is also going out to Gayle/LA of Connecting Threads Love of Art Quilts for guessing 88 tubs only because my DH sniveled and whined about it FELT like 188 tubs and she should get something. So if you ladies will email me at with your snail mail Addy’s, I’ll get your prizes off in the mail to you.

Thank you everyone who posted and/or guessed the date and tubs and for visiting my website and blog. Hope you come back to visit soon. I’ll have pictures of the grand opening posted sometime on the date of the 18th or the day after, the 19th, of September.

Terri at the Drake’s Nest where I need to get back to my homework and studies! Arrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

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One Response to And the Winners are —

  1. Allie says:

    Congrats to the winners and holy cow, 48 tubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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