We are now O-P-E-N!!! Wheeee!!

Top of Kitchen Cabinets

The Drake’s Nest Studios is now open for business. Had a little mishap with one of the fabric armoires deciding it didn’t like it’s shelving so that had to be fixed. Thus, the studio is looking a little cluttered, but not too bad. If you’ll pardon the dust, I’ll take you on a tour by way of the photos inserted below. There’s a pic of the fabric armoires, the kitchen nook, the top of the kitchen nook cabinets, the work table with embroidery/sewing machine and fabric press, library nook with quilt hiding works in progress, pending computer nook (need to move computer and printer from house to its place here), and me and the cat!

Library shelves and covered machineYes we are open!

Quilt hiding circuit breaker box

SamWise glad studio is done!

Work table with Fabric Press and Embroidery-Sewing Machine


Kitchen nook

Hope you enjoy the little peek in the studio. come back to see pictures of works in progress (WOPs) or UFOs being finished or new designs. Well you just never know WHAT you might find here. Come on back and visit the Nest and my blog soon!

Happy Fall everyone. Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s ALL small stuff!!
Terri at the Drake’s Nest where homework is beckoning me back to work – deep heavy sigh!
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