Guest Artist on Website

Hard to believe that another month has passed and time for a new artist to appear on my website. This month I have the pleasure of having a dear friend, the delightful Allie Hortom. She has a blog that I do encourage people to visit, Do stop by if you get a chance. Here’s a little peak at one of the delightful pieces of artwork you can see not only on her blog, but on my website as I interview Allie about her work and what inspires her. 

Lemon Tree

This lovely piece entitled Lemon Tree and is one of Allie’s favorites (at least for now). Please visit Allie’s blog and my website. Thank you Allie for being my guest artist of the month. 

Around the Drake’s Nest Studios, it’s more like summer than fall with temperatures in the 80’s yesterday and hellicious thunderstorms. I am surprised to still see Grandfather Willow still standing after losing half of himself into the pond during the last high winds. But he’s still standing tall and proud. 

Well, time for me to get to work and it’s off to the gym for my required college workouts. Man, what I won’t do for my bachelor’s degree. ~2~ 

Until next time, 

Terri at the Drake’s Nest in balmy Ossineke, Michigan where Giant River Otters play on my pond!

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One Response to Guest Artist on Website

  1. Valerie says:

    Oh I so enjoyed visiting your blog and then reading all about Allie! I love her! She is a great blog friend and it was so neat that you interviewed her. Congrats Allie!

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