Guest Artist on Website

I hope you’ll go and visit the website as I have a new guest artist. She is Pauline McArthur of Funky Friends Factory and is a designer and maker of wonderful soft toys. You have to see these cute little cuddly critters. They are adorable and very easy to make, I know!

Pauline’s website is and she is marvelous. Do stop by and visit and perhaps she’ll invite you for a cuppa there in Queensland, Australia.

Until next time,

Terri at the Drake’s Nest in very snowy Ossineke, Michigan

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3 Responses to Guest Artist on Website

  1. Allie says:

    Must go see – how much snow do you have???

    • We have a couple of inches, most of it is blowing. Coming down as very fine flakes and has been doing so since yesterday morning. Do you have a lot of snow where you are? If you must go out and about, please drive carefully. People drive like crazy around here when it snows, just thankful I don’t have to be out in it much. Have to be out today, Tuesday and Thursday for finals otherwise I’m home!

      Have a great day and a brighter tomorrow. If I don’t talk with you before hand, it is my sincerest wish that you and yours have a wonderful and Merry Christmas and a bright and happy New Year.

      Terri at the Drake’s Nest in snowy, blowy Ossineke

    • As of today, we have approximately 6″ of snow and it is STILL snowing! Did you get a lot of snow from this “little” storm that is going through?

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