Where has the time gone?

I can’t believe that it’s been two months since my last posting. My how time does manage to get away from me. Things have been very hectic at the Drake’s Nest, between the holidays, surgery and school, I have barely have time to take a breath it seems.

The surgery on the arm went well and, every now and then I have a twinge, all is going well. School is just a whirlwind of activity. For those of you who are thinking about putting off going to college and want to do it when you are “older,” I would think twice about that. Just because one is older does not mean that one is necessarily smarter or that school is easier. It is the opposite, I have found. Believe me, I am really working for every good grade that I get. Wish I had gone to school years ago, but no use crying over spilt milk, as they say.

I had a very nice surprise. One of my professors at school recommended me for the Phi Theta Kappa Coca Cola U. S. All American Academic Team. This was quite flattering to me and I really feel honored. No one will know who won scholarships and such until the big luncheon that takes place in Lansing, Michigan on the 24th of March. Whether I win a scholarship or not, I already feel like I’m a winner and thank those who have such faith in me. At 60 I’m doing all the things I would like to have done at 20. At least at 20 I would have had the energy to keep up with everything!

The snows are finally beginning to melt, although we have had a flurry or two and the trees are beginning to bud. Here in Northern Michigan that means that spring is not that far away and it will soon be time to plant all sorts of growing things.

I hope to post some pictures of a few of my creations that are in the works and perhaps a teaser or two. I will also be posting in the near future a list of books that I no longer need or have never used and will swap them out for fabric. More on that later.

All the best, I need to get back to studying as I have an algebra exam forth coming and I must get ready for an on-line English exam as well. Blessings on all out there and may your travels be safe and may you all enjoy wealth, health and happiness.

Terri at the Drake’s Nest in warming Ossineke, MI

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4 Responses to Where has the time gone?

  1. Allie says:

    Well hi stranger! Good to hear you’re doing so very well, congratulations on getting recommended for such an honor! Can’t believe you have buds on the trees, nothing like that down here!

    • Thanks for the congrats. I was really surprised by this and humbled that I am thought of so highly. We have some small buds forming on the trees, but still too cold for anything to pop. Most of our snow is gone too and I see all the work that is in store once it gets warm enough to work outside that is.

      Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Will talk with you soon.

  2. Vanda says:

    It is so nice to hear that you are doing so well in everything you are doing. This is such an achievement…..I think things that one achieves later on in life “tastes sweeter”
    maybe that is what Jackie Gleason meant when he said…….” How SWEET it izzzzzzzz”. lol.

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