Winter is still here!

Oh my, the temperature dropped and it is now snowing and sleeting. From what I heard of the forecast, we are due for freezing rain tomorrow. I thought we were getting an early spring! Oh well, guess even the ground hog makes a mistake when it comes to his seeing his shadow.

This is short, but will be back to post some winter pictures for you. Sure wish they were spring.

Have a great day!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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2 Responses to Winter is still here!

  1. Allie says:

    We’re going to get it later tonight, too, Terri – yuck yuck!

    • Let us hope that this is the last “hurrah” of winter and that the days will soon be warmer. Today has made me look forward to my travels to Arizona to celebrate my mother-in-laws 93rd birthday. We will be visiting there “before” it gets to hot to enjoy.

      Keep warm Allie and thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!

      All the best,


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