Home again!

I feel like I’m still moving even though I am standing still! During the spring break for college, my dear husband and I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to help my mother-in-law celebrate her 93rd birthday! She wanted to go to Las Vegas so we went. Spent two days there and yours truly rode a zip line 1 1/4 miles down Fremont Street. It was wonderful!!! I surprised myself in doing it as I am afraid of heights, but did it for Ma. After Las Vegas, we traveled to Wickenburg, Arizona to attend the Cowgirl Up art exhibition. If you ever get a chance to see it, please do as it is absolutely breath-taking. The talented people are amazing.

Back to Phoenix and then to the Arizona Science Museum to see the exhibition Body Works. This is an art show using “real” bodies that have been plastized into art sculptures. It is very tastefully done and very educational. There were lots and lots of children there from various schools.

On April 1st the airlines notified us that our flight schedule had been entirely cancelled due to not having a pilot for the Detroit to Alpena leg of our trip. I thought it was a very bad April Fools joke and was very upset upon learning it was not. We were extremely lucky in being able to have our return trip rebooked for very early in the morning on the 1st.

I thought you might like to see a bit of scenery from 35,000 feet. Can you see an art quilt here? Stay tuned to find out. Like the old saying goes “Be it ever so humble, there is not place like home.”

View from 35,000 feet - pivot irrigation

The next one makes me feel cold, not surprising since the outside temperate was -79 degree F! Brrrrrrr.

Snow covered Rocky Mountains viewed at 35,000 feet

Time to get back to the books. Have term papers that are due soon. All the best and happy spring to all!!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest where my flowers are starting to bloom!

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One Response to Home again!

  1. Allie says:

    That sounds like a really fun trip – love to see that pic become an art quilt! Can’t believe you have flowers blooming, you’re NORTH of me, dang it, lol!

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