Today was the day! Book signing successful!

Book signing at Blue Phoenix Book store in Alpena, MI on 9-3-2011

Talk about a roller-coaster day! WOW! Was awaken at 9 a.m. by my next door neighbor calling to wish me good luck with the book signing. She was upset, however, that she didn’t find the “blurb” in the paper saying where and when. I told her don’t feel bad, I never found it either. Apparently we were both looking in the wrong spot as later when I got to the bookstore she found it and gave it to me. I thought that was so sweet and now that I was awake, might as well get up. Truth be told I did not get too much sleep with all the
butterflies, and coughing. A bug I have had for over a week is still with me and giving me fits. Thankfully, the antibiotic seems to have worked and the only thing lingering is the cough.

Just before we got ready to leave, it started pouring rain. Hubby stated that we had a little time and should wait for the rain to slack off and he proceeded to go sit in his chair. Not a chance! I propelled him out the front door, loaded up the truck with books, water and camera and away we went. Arrived with 5 minutes to spare. I jumped out of truck, grabbed gear and told him to go park and ran inside. He joined me a few minutes later. As I was setting out the books, bookmarks, cards and pens for signing a man from the local florist shop came into the Blue Phoenix Book Store. As It was only myself and the young woman minding the shop for the owner, I assumed the flowers were for her. WRONG! He states in a voice, loud enough to be heard across the street and to that building’s second floor, that he is looking for “Terri.” WOW! That’s me and I accepted the vase filled with carnations, daisy’s and 1 red rose with a big grin. As I opened the card I was looking at my dear hubby and getting ready to tell him how sweet and thoughtful he was to send me flowers, I had to stop and read the card twice. The flowers were not from him but from my adopted twin granddaughters, Ava and Audrey, and their family! They had to go to Ohio and were upset that they couldn’t be there so wanted me to know they were there in spirit.

I was at the Blue Phoenix from noon until two p.m. There were people in and out of the shop for what seemed like an eternity, but no takers. One nice woman did stop and ask if she could look at the book and asked questions but decided not to make a purchase. Another woman look over the stack of books while walking rapidly to the door and loudly quipped, “Humph! ‘Musings and Short Stories,’ whatever that is. Don’t think ‘I’ want to know!” and out the door she went. That was a little disconcerting, but I can understand. After all, I am a new author, this is my first book and I am not that well-known in the community. A few seconds later in walked the President of Alpena Community College. I had invited Dr. Joynton and others to the signing and in all honesty did not expect them there as the fall semester has just started and it is the last 3-day weekend/holiday weekend for a while. He surprised me when he appeared and requested a copy. I can in all honesty say that but for his support, encouragement and that of others at ACC, the book might well have remained a dream. Dr. Joynton was my first purchaser.

At 1:45 p.m. Dr. Robert Currier, a very well-known ophthalmologist/eye surgeon for Alpena, Michigan came in to the shop dressed to the nines. I giggled and told him that he didn’t have to clean up just for me and got a firm handshake and a hardy hello! He picked up 2 books and tells me that one is for him and had a special inscription he wished placed in the second book. I was very happy to oblige. As I am signing the second book, he tells me that he wishes to buy an extra EIGHT books and put in “best wishes,” “all the best,” etc. and sign and date them. I was floored to say the least. PLUS I may be doing a photography gig for him in the immediate future. He made my day, however when, as he is gathering up the books, he very seriously asked, “Okay, you’ve broken the ice, NOW when does the NEXT book come out?”! He is a strong believer in supporting what he refers to as “the jewels of the community” and gives a lot of his time and money to support very worthy causes.

I only had two people buy books, but to me my first book signing was a success simply because I did SELL books! All I can say is LIFE IS GOOD!!! Here are a few photos from the book signing. My dear hubby took the photos and these were the best of the lot. He just didn’t remember what I showed him on how to take the pictures and he would MOVE too soon upon clicking the shutter. Just had to share this day as so many of you have been supportive and encouraging on following one’s dreams. A few have said they’d like to buy the book, I have copies and will be glad to autograph them for you. Just contact
me and I’ll let you know where to send a check. Paperbacks are $15.99. Someone pinch me and let me know I’m not dreaming and that I really did publish a book. OUCH!! Okay, I believe. ~2~

President of Alpena Community College getting his book autographed

Autographing a book for Alpena Community College's President, Dr. Olin Joynton.


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3 Responses to Today was the day! Book signing successful!

  1. BJ says:

    Great pictures! WooHoo! I’m so happy for you.

  2. peggy says:

    Hi, I found your site while looking for information on Indian baskets made near Alpena. My friend brought a tall, lidded basket to our flea market sale and said she had bought it years ago near Alpena from an Indian lady. My friend had forgotten much about the circumstances of the purchase except that the lady lived in an immaculate dirt floor home, where the transaction took place. Looking at the intricacy of the design, I believe the basket is a treasure. I will look for your book.

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