Guess it wasn’t a dream! and Through the Eyes of a Child.

The book signing is now a week old and I can say it wasn’t a dream! Books are still being sold and the feedback I am getting has been marvelous! I think I have to correct myself when I say it wasn’t a “dream,” because actually,  it WAS a dream. A dream fulfilled. Never, ever, let anyone tell you that you are “too old” to have your dreams come true, or it’s too late in life or whatever the excuse de jour happens is. When one quits dreaming, then one quits living.

I have a dear friend whose 4-year old twin daughters have adopted me as their grandma. So I am now Grandma Terri! They are learning to play soccer and do a marvelous job at it. One even has a little dance that she does when she successfully kicks the ball or makes a goal. She managed to make 3 goals the last game and stole the ball from a kid taller than she.  It’s a lot of fun to watch these children having fun and yet focused on getting that ball where it should be. Some of the parents, however, need to go into timeout corners as they make the game way too serious for ones so young. It is after all just a game and they are learning sportsmanship, team work and how to win/lose graciously. Most importantly they are exercising and having FUN! I am looking forward to seeing life through the eyes of a child once more.

Children in their innocence don’t see races, know how to lie or cheat, try to work out differences by sharing and live life to its fullest. The wonderment in their eyes when they watch a butterfly emerge from a cocoon and try its wings for the first time or their willingness to try something new. They don’t know the meaning of the word “can’t” until it is introduced to them by adults. Children learn by what they see, so if an adult lies, cheats or steals and a child imitates that behavior they get confused when corrected. To live life through the eyes of a child and see things as if seeing them for the first time, how wonderful.

Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional and I’m opting out! Care to join me?

Have a great day and may your days be filled with butterflies and rainbows

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