Been TOO Long! Take Two!

For reasons unknown to me, the last post did not appear to work very well. So here is take TWO on the subject. 🙂

I can’t believe how much time has gone by or worse, just how long its been since I’ve posted anything. My deepest apologies for the lapse. While I can’t promise that it won’t happen again, we all know how life can throw off the best of plans, I will make do my best to keep this updated and begin to offer swaps, patterns, items for sale and such on the website and will offer sneak peaks, as it were.

In February, my dear husband finally retired after 45 years with the phone company. No more 24/7 standbys or being called out in the middle of the night in all kinds of weather. A week after he retired we received a 3:00 a.m. phone call, which I answered. It was the dispatcher. The conversation went something like this:

Caller: This is (phone co name) dispatch, may I speak with Ray please?

Me: No.

Caller: Pardon?

Me: No. Ray can’t come out and play anymore, he retired in February.

Caller: Are you sure? We don’t have that listed here?

Me: I suggest you call his “former” boss (giggled when I told him that) to verify. I’m sure “he’ll” enjoy a 3 a.m. phone call on an employee that no longer works there!

Caller: Okay, I’ll check. Good bye.

Me: You do that.

I woke my poor husband up I was laughing so loud. We received a phone call apologizing for waking us up, which woke us up again in the process. When I inquired whether or not they checked with the boss, the phone became silent, followed by deep sigh and told that the boss wasn’t “happy” about the phone call. Can’t say I didn’t warn him!

In May of 2012, I graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor’s Degree! Whee, did I do a happy dance. Almost immediately after, we took a cross-country road trip to Arizona. The purpose of the trip was two-fold, main purpose was a photo shoot for future projects and the secondary purpose was to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 94th birthday! We call her the energizer bunny and she is a sweetie! The picture is of her, my sister-in-law and hubby at St. Ignace, Michigan with the Mackinac Bridge as backdrop.

Ma Myrna Ray n Mackinac Bridge

Almost immediately upon return we drove to Virginia to celebrate my dad’s 85th birthday. He lives with my sister and brother-in-law and she does a marvelous job with taking care of him. No easy task since he had a leg amputated and has Alzheimer’s. I’m so proud of her and all that she does for him. It’s not easy watching someone who has been strong all their life suddenly totally dependent upon you for everything.

In July my DH collapsed while we were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and rushed to hospital. For a while they thought he might have suffered a severe heart attack and/or stroke. So instead of dinner, dancing and flowers, we had a ride in an ambulance and 3-days of hospital testing. We extremely relieved when doc said “no” to heart/stroke issues and informed us that his body had shut down to protect itself when his knee blew out! He never felt any pain, which was surprising. This resulted in emergency surgery for him and he is now as good as new.

Somewhere between, I had surgery on my left elbow and just recently had surgery on my left shoulder. OUCH!

Apologize for the length, but needed to catch up, somewhat. More later!

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2 Responses to Been TOO Long! Take Two!

  1. BJ says:

    So great to see your post! I couldn’t see the picture you posted though 😦 . I hope with each day passing you are feeling better and better. I know there isn’t much that will keep you down for long.
    Hugs my friend.

    • Will have to see what gives with the photo not showing up.  They’ve made some changes on the host so that may be affecting things as well. Hoping to get lots of things up and getting it running. Have to be able to use the arm first. LOL.   Thanks for stopping by!


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