Change in Plans

After much soul searching and due to recent upheavals in our lives, like moving from Michigan to Florida, I must sadly close the Drake’s Nest Studios as a “business,” however, the blog will remain as a way of updating my fiber art creations, experiments in thread painting and other medium and a way of sharing with all of you.

In the near future, once we are all settled into our new home, I hope to offer tips, free patterns, BOM’s and such. I really hate to close the business, but I am licensed to do business in Michigan and not Florida and the cost to dissolve the business in one state and incorporate in another, plus having the business has an adverse effect on ones mortgage, for some reason, I must close the business, but I will not disappear.

Thank you for all who have supported me and encouraged me in my journey to get the Drake’s Nest off the ground. Sometimes a business will thrive and flourish and other times it is just not the right time for a particular venue. Such was the case with the Nest.

Currently, we are in a little hotel just north of Knoxville, Tennessee and relaxing after a 10 hour drive. One has not lived until one travels with a 20 pound puddy tat! LOL. In all honesty, our SamWise has been a very brave trooper. He cries a little when we first start out, but then settles down to lying on the console and watching the road signs go by, the traffic or sticks his tongue out at puppies he sees in cars stopped in traffic. Otherwise, being a cat, he just sleeps!

We hope to be arrive in Palm Bay on Sunday, sometime in the afternoon and will check into yet another hotel until we settle on our new home. Will share pictures once our furnishings have arrived and all the dust has settled.

Take care and God Bless!

Terri at the “mobile” Drake’s Nest

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One Response to Change in Plans

  1. B J Elder says:

    Glad to hear your travels are going good so far. Been thinking of you!

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