Spirit Wolf Progressing Nicely

Before I update, I would like to ask for and offer prayers for the people of France who are under attack by terrorists. Our world is going crazy!

Have you ever worked on something and said to yourself, “I’m only going to do a bit.” When you next look at the clock are you surprised to find that “bit” has turned into several hours? When I am working on a creative piece, I find that I lose all track of time unless I put on a timer of some sort. A good clue for me that I’ve worked too long without a break is when my shoulders and neck begin to burn and hurt.

Spirit Wolf is progressing quite nicely and I am very pleased with the progress. Still not sure whether I want this as a wall hanging, the center medallion for a quilt or possibly the center of a large embellished dream catcher. One thing I know or certain, the piece will tell me how it wants to be finished when the time comes. Until then, I will be enjoying the journey of discovery and creativity.

Wolf SPirit Friday progress

Late Friday progress Wolf Spirit

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