Enjoying some Creativity and a New Year’s Resolution

I have played more and more with acrylics and enjoying some quality time with my dear friend Josie at a painting class. In the recent classes, you pick what you wish to work on and get help with bringing it to fruition. I’m liking the techniques we are learning and expanding my ability to paint. I’m getting more comfortable with myself and what I can do. Having a great support group helps immensely.

The latest painting is a Blue Heron on its nest. It has a way to go, but I’m pleased with how it is looking. It’s amazing what one can do when surrounded by people who are all positive, encouraging and not judgmental. Quite different from what I’ve had in the past. Now it is only up and onward.

Heron progress

I made a resolution for 2016 and that is to quit looking at the past and look towards the future and live in today. One cannot change the past and by letting it influence your today and tomorrow only results in the “negatives” affecting today’s “positives.” The results are not pretty and you end up being unhappy, not believing in yourself and letting your future be shaped and influenced by the things you cannot change. NO MORE! I intend to dwell in the here and now and change those things I can. By becoming aware of what I have been doing, which has been very detrimental to my development, I can change those negatives into positives. I know it won’t happen over night, but being aware and wanting to change for the better, is a very big step.

Happy New Year everyone, may you and yours enjoy all the very best that life has to offer.

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