Playing Catch-up and New Adventures

Seems like each time I make plans to be more active here, the more that life throws challenges, curve-balls or such. That said, will be making a more concerted effort to do what I need to do both here on the blog and on my website. After all, each is only as good as the information they provide.

To play catch-up, as it were, guess I should fill in the blanks on what has been going on. I have been taking painting classes, exhibiting at various venues and expanding my art quilt expertise. All of these things have played a big part of my not being here and doing regular postings. Perhaps by placing a scheduled time on calendar, I will get things done. Another big event, or adventure, that has taken place was a trip to beautiful Quito, Ecuador this past July. We have been so smitten with the country, that we are returning for another visit and will be seeing Cuenca, Loja and Vilcabamba. This trip will help us decide where we wish to call home.

A new adventure along the ever changing road that we call life. Among the challenges we will face are a new language, new culture and a whole new way of living. We are excited about it and so looking forward to our new life. While learning Spanish will be a little harder for us “old” folks, it will add a little spark to routine everyday outings, such as grocery shopping or finding our way around. The laid back or manana attitude will be something else to get use to in our dealings with various enterprises. Here in the U.S.A. its rush, rush, rush and I want it today and I want it now attitude. There, response time is a little slower as priorities are different there. Familia, or family is everything.

It is my plan to share our experiences both in getting there and living there. Will deal with the day to day as well as explorations of our new home. Hope you will join me in my travels and new adventures.

Let me share a few pictures with you from our July 2016 visit to beautiful Quito.

The first picture is of the hand-carved ceiling and architecture of a small church in old historic Quito. The middle picture is that of the entryway to the Cathedral San Francisco which contains over 400 pounds of gold leaf on walls, statuary, and hand carved railings and such. You can take photo’s of the outside, and the entryway, but interior photos are not allowed. The last picture is of one of the old and beautiful buildings in down-town San Francisco area of Old Quito.

Come back to see more and follow my adventures as this “gringo” learns her way around a new home. Until next time, hasta manana!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest in Palm Bay, Florida


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