The Ball is Rolling!

We have taken our first steps towards our move to Ecuador by having a conference call with a company that will provide a container for our things (we pack and load) and deliver it to wherever we are in Ecuador and unpack the container for us. We have begun to purge and start packing a few things that we don’t use every day. There is so much that we have to do, but it will be worth it in the long run.

What has amazed me is that it will be cheaper to ship our things to Ecuador than it was to move from Michigan to Florida! Just goes to show how out of hand things have gotten here in the U.S. When we were contemplating our move from Michigan, we originally considered Hawaii and even made an exploratory trip there. It ended up being exceedingly cost prohibitive – $20,000 for a “small” container, plus $3,000 if we wanted to ship our car and we had to deliver the car to California, plus renting or purchasing a home. Once we did all our research, investigations, etc. we decided to move to Florida. While not a whole lot cheaper to live here, it was still less expensive alternative to Hawaii.

As much as we loved where we were living in Michigan, the damp and cold were not conducive to our health. We could circle a date on a calendar and could almost guarantee that within a day of the date my one of us would come down with pneumonia and either be on the verge of being hospitalized or would end up in the hospital. This was certainly a guarantee for my dear husband. So we moved to Florida.

Now, things have gotten too out of hand here in the U.S. for retiree’s, seniors or those with very limited incomes to live the good life. If you are on social security, you will be lucky if you get any kind of increase in income and if you do, it will be taken away by a double increase in cost of Medicare, supplemental health insurance needed to help cover what Medicare does not takes even more out of your pocket and the deductibles and out-of-pocket are ridiculous. People, in many instances, are having to make choices to either pay their insurance or their rent, put food on the table or get prescriptions that are necessary for their health.

This is why, after much research and soul-searching, we decided to move to Ecuador. Better quality of life, lower expenses – healthcare, prescriptions, housing, food and transportation costs.

Thankfully, my old organization skills will come in handy as we prepare for our move. We need to itemize what we have in boxes and what will be loose and the list must be numbered sequentially. The list would have column for the box number, column for what the box contains and column for total number contained. For example:

Boxed Items:

#1 Men’s clothing – shirts – 10, pants – 10, shoes – 5 pairs, total: 25 pieces

#2 Household goods – 1 set of China – 100 pieces total

You won’t have to list the cups, saucers, plates, etc. separately, just that it is, for example, a 12-piece setting of china with 100 pieces total. That “12-piece” description would cover everything that is included in that set of china without being extremely detailed. So listing won’t be too hard. Each person is allowed 420 pounds of clothing! Not that I have that much, but it’s good to know. I can’t even imagine 420 pounds of clothes, I mean are there closets large enough to hold that much?

I think the hardest part of this whole adventure will be all the packing and living with boxes until we ship, but it is doable. Just have to make sure that I don’t pack what we need to use until the last possible minute.

Well, I need to go play in my studio for a bit as I have a challenge that will be due in a few months. Can’t show any of that, but will leave you with a picture or two. Until next time,

Hasta pronto!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest in Palm Bay

The first picture is me with a few of my pieces on display at a demo that the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists put on last year. The “sliced” top of Ft. Mackinac was a collaborative effort in an on-line swap and based on a photo I provided. The second photo is of the only snow-capped volcano on the equator and could be seen from our room in Quito, Ecuador.

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