Cuenca, a Vibrant City

Cuenca is a city nestled in the Andes between the 6000-7000 foot level. Quito is at the 9000 feet and just a bit cooler. The temperatures in Cuenca vary from 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night to 75 during the day. This is also the rainy season, but it seems the rains hold off until the late afternoon or early evening. Currently, it is the Ecuadorian summer here and with 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night, life moves at a steady but laid back pace.

It is an artist paradise with plenty of inspiration surrounding you. From El Centro to the museums to the many winding streets and mountain trails, there is beauty everywhere.

The streets are alive with the Native Ecuadorian selling their wares on street corners, in parks or in the many open air mercado’s. They are an inventive people who work hard and play even harder. It is not unusual to see a juggler perform a long the roadway when traffic is stopped for lights or to see strolling musicians playing and singing songs that touch the heart. Familia or family is most important. Children and the young people are very respectful of the elders in the community.

Until later, I leave you with a few more pictures of this wonderful city that I am soon to call home.

The first picture shows the Millennium Mall where you can find some wonderful shops, a Paneria or bakery and a food court that has everything from native dishes to Subway and KFC. The middle picture shows a little of the inside of the Mall, love the tile, and the last is of a park on the corner from our hotel. There are parks everywhere and they are wonderful and litter free!

Hasta my friends,

Terri at the Drakes Nest

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