Hola Buenas Dias or Hello, Good Morning

Hola, Buenos Dias as they say here in Cuenca, Ecuador. That means hello, good morning in Spanish. We are currently visiting and exploring the city that will become our new home. It is a friendly, vibrant part of Ecuador that takes pride in its history, its people and the environment. I have traveled many places in my 66 years, but never have I been to a place that is so beautifully kept. It is unbelievably clean, safely walkable and the people are very helpful. With my limited Spanish, I have been able to communicate my wants, needs, desires and get questions answered.

We arrived in 29 November late in the evening on a very unusual flight. Orlando to Miami was uneventful, however our American Airlines flight from Miami to Quito was another story. We sat on the tarmac waiting for some maintenance to be done. Something about low oil or oil pressure. That was fixed and we started to head toward the runway for takeoff when the plane just suddenly stopped! It has lost all power! Not a good way to start a flight for someone who is afraid of flying. Finally took off, arrived in Quito and made connection to Cuenca. The airport in Cuenca is much like that of the airport in Alpena, Michigan – one terminal and one gate. You can’t get lost.

Will post more later today, for now I need to get breakfast. In the meantime enjoy the views from our hotel.

Hasta pronto, until later

Terri at the Drakes Nest

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