Another Beautiful Day

Buenos Tardes, thanks for visiting. Today we made a return visit to El Centro to do more exploring of the various streets, shops, restaurants and churches. Perfect weather for walking, 70 degrees Fahrenheit, cool breezes and large marshmallow clouds in a robin-egg blue sky.

There are 52 churches in Cuenca and 12 of them are located in El Centro. They are breath-taking on the inside and architectural marvels on the outside. The people of Ecuador are very religious and so there are a lot of churches. These houses of worship can hold anywhere from just a few worshipers to hundreds of people. There is a wonderful museum here that has a well maintained Inca dig which portrays some of how the native people lived.

As we strolled the narrow streets, the smell of fresh-baked bread filled the air as did that of roasting pollo or chicken. Today we enjoyed a homemade queso empanadas that were so delicious that I asked our server if she made them and she pointed out the owner. He was delighted with my compliments and promised to tech me how to make them when we return.

we spoke with not only the locals but with many expats who sat in the park listening to music and enjoying the views and energy of Cuenca. Some have been here for as little as six months, like. The couple from Alabama and others have been here 4-10 years.

There are parks arks everywhere you look, and 3 rivers flow through Cuenca. Art is all around as well and murals can be found on many walls. Some link Cuenca’s present to its Inca past.

Until later my friends, Hasta Pronto,

Terri at the Drakes Nest

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