Much to See And Do

Cuenca has three rivers that run through it and are vital to their water supply. They are Rio Yanuncay, Rio Tarqui and Rio Tomebamba. According to UNISCO, Cuenca has the best water and among the safest walkable city in Ecuador. After being here a few days we can see why.

There is something for everyone here. Beautiful walking/biking trails, parks, restaurants, music filled environments, open air markets filled with fresh fruits and produce year round and theater. I am not just speaking of movie theaters, but a vibrant theater company that puts on some wonderful productions. There is also a large modern hospital here, Mt Sainai.

This morning after a wonderful breakfast of fresh fruits, delicious freshly squeezed juice, hot rolls fresh from the oven, honey stuffed pancakes, haveros or eggs, and coffee, we were ready to begin another day exploring this beautiful city on foot.

We headed to the southern end of the city and enjoyed exploring the beautiful neighborhood of Tomebamba and Yanuncay. Slow steady grades made the walking delightful, as did the cool breezes, the shady tree-lined paths and the music of the Yanuncay and Tarqui Rivers as the babbling, rolling waters serenaded our progress.

Hope you enjoy the scenes from our walk.

Wishing you pleasant journies,

Terri at the Drakes Nest

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