Visiting Ecuador’s Past

As our visit to Cuenca approaches it’s last few days, we decided to explore one of its many museums – Pumapungo. The brochure for this wonderful museum states on its cover, “Pumapungo: Pasado y presente de la Antigua TOMEBAMBA.” Translated it means “Pumapungo: past and present of ancient Tomebamba.”

The museum has exhibits that covers its early beginnings to its present day. Starting on the lower levels, you’ll find exhibits on their currency, invention of scales for measurement and cash registers to conquest by Napoleon Bonipart.

There are wonderful dioramas depicting the life of the ancient Cuencans, consisting of full size huts complete with hammocks, cooking pots and weaving. These dioramas continue with the way Ecuadorian living in Cuenca look today and how many make a living selling everything from baskets and produce to clothing.

At the back of the museum and outside are well preserved ruins showing how the people farmed, the steps for irrigating their crops and some of the crops they grew. Both then and now, the things that matter to not only the people of Cuenca, but all Ecuadorians are familia, the land and God.

I leave you with these thoughts, as you travel the roads of life remember those who traveled before you and give thanks. They overcame obstacles that we can only imagine.

Until next time my friends, hasta pronto

Terri at the Drakes Nest

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