Cao Ecuador

Thank you Ecuador and the people of Cuenca for welcoming us to your country and your beautiful city. You have won our hearts and set our feet upon the path of becoming expats.

Tomorrow we leave early in the morning for Quito, where we connect to flights to Miami and then Orlando. It saddens me to be leaving, but we will return soon.

For those of you thinking of moving to other parts of the world, or even other areas within your home countries, I offer this advice. Do your homework, research the place you are considering, find out their customs, their language, currency, climate,safety, housing, visa or residency requirements, etc. Find out as much as you can and if possible talk with people who have been there. Ask questions, such as did they like it there, if not why not, would they return and what suggestions they might have for travel there.

If at all possible, travel to the area you are considering calling home. Spend a minimum of two weeks but longer if possible. This gives you a feel for the area, allows you to experience the culture and alerts you to any challenges or difficulties you may encounter. I would also suggest that before you venture to foreign shores you learn the language enough that you can find your hotel, take a taxi and dine out. I’m not saying you have to be fluent, just enough to make the effort and people will help you out. This will immerse you into the community and you can then make an informed decision on whether or not you really want to do this.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams of travel or say “someday when…” for you never know what life has in store. Enjoy life, we are!

Here is what our last night in Cuenca looked like, I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful send off.

Hasta pronto,

Terri at the Drakes Nest

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