So Glad I’m Patient!

Today we went to our local police department to inquire if they do fingerprinting without one being a criminal. That received quite the chuckle and were told we were in luck as Thursday’s are one of the days they do fingerprinting and, since they were not busy, we were able to do get it done then without an appointment. First we had to walk across to City Hall to pay the required fee, take the receipt back to the police station and then we were fingerprinted onto two sets of cards.

The ink they use is almost impossible to get totally off your fingers, even with their “special” ink removing soap. It is interesting to see just how precisely they ink the pads and roll the fingers in just the right way. This police department still uses the old fashion inking of the fingers to get the prints. A lot of places do it digitally; however, the digital prints don’t seem to be as precise as doing it via ink. Both sets of finger prints will be sent off to the FBI as part of our Criminal Background request. We spent $10.00 on the fingerprints.

Our next stop was to the Social Security Administration to obtain a signed copy of our Benefits letter. I explained to the young man that in addition to the signature, the person signing the letter had to print their name in capital letters under their signature in order for it to be acceptable as a document for our Visas. He proceeded to produce the letter, he signed it but would not print his name under it. Said it was illegal for him to alter the document. After again explaining, and showing him the information detailing how it was to be done, he again stated he couldn’t do it but would pass us along to someone else who “might” be able to understand what we wanted. After sitting there for 2 hours, we were seen by a lovely young lady who read the document stating what was needed and how it needed to be prepared and said “no problem.” Apparently years ago, there was a form you filled out just for this purpose and they don’t do that anymore. We told her the original rep had us wait as he said it couldn’t be done. Apparently, he just didn’t want to be bothered and they will be speaking with him about that.

To celebrate the documents we have received, somewhat ahead of schedule, we went out to dinner.  I have heard so many horror stories about how difficult it is to get any kind of documents that I was a little worried, but so far, so good. I think those who run into problems are those who don’t follow the instructions on how to order and what is needed.

Now to return to my purging and packing. So far, I have 32 boxes packed of items that we don’t use every day and have made several trips to our local Good Will with donations.

Until next time, have a great weekend.

Hasta Pronto!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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