Moving Right Along

Things are moving right along, no pun intended with our paperwork, packing and purging. So far, we our birth certificates and marriage certificate have been certified and apostilled. We have sent off our social security letters to be certified and have ordered the FBI and State of Florida criminal background checks. We have received notice that our FBI reports are on the way to us, which was really fast. By using the FBI Channeler that our Ecuadorian Attorney recommended, we are getting the reports back really fast. If we had attempted to do this on our own, it would have been months before we obtained a report and it may not have been ordered correctly. I love it when things seems to be falling together.

In talking with people about our packing I have been asked about what we can and can’t take to Ecuador. So, I thought I would address that this time around. The things we can’t take with us are any gasoline powered machinery, such as motorcycles, cars, lawnmowers, trimmers, propane tanks, aerosol cans, varnish or highly combustible materials. We can take our propane grill, just have to have an adapter put on it for using the style of tanks in Ecuador.

We can take non-perishable foods with us as some items may not be available there, such as taco sauce, the Gordon Foods Buttermilk Pancake mix, or Rice Checks cereals. Anything we take cannot be close to expiration. We may bring in up to 32 bottles of our favorite wines and up to 400 pounds each of clothing. I’m not sure what 400 pounds of clothing would look like much less own that much. A lot of foods we like can be found there; however, we may take some things such as the Vidalia Onion marinade that I like. Looking forward to trying all the new foods and Ecuadorian way of cooking things. I feel like Andrew Zimmerman in Bizarre Foods where he says, “if it looks good, eat it!”

In packing, we have a specific way that the inventory list has to be done, which I have touched on in an earlier blog but will recap. All boxes have to be labeled and numbered sequentially and all loose items have to be numbered and listed on an inventory. My inventory has all boxed items listed first and the loose items will follow the number sequence, but will be listed last. Loose items would be the headboard, footboard and railings of our bed, the dressers and furniture items, bicycles and tool boxes and the like. When items are listed on the inventory, we don’t have to put 24 bowls, 32 dishes, etc. we just need to put the total, China 32 items, used. All items are considered “used” even if they are still new in the box as we are bringing them with us and not purchasing them there.

We have started doing yard/garage sales on the weekends to try to find new homes for those items we don’t wish to take to Ecuador, such as the Queen size sofa bed we brought with us from Michigan to Florida, but have never used here. Hopefully, we can find it a good home with someone who can use it. What we don’t sell, we’ll donate to Good Will or Salvation Army.

Boxes packed now total 46. I have emptied by china hutch, packed the antique beer steins and my kachina’s. The real challenge will be my sewing room and packing up all the fabric, notions, patterns and books. I will have to count each piece of fabric, pattern, notions and books and put their totals on the inventory. One box of patterns and some fabrics has been packed. Being a fiber artist and quilter, it is going to be interesting to see how I explain all the fabric and such when our shipping container is inspected by customs. This is going to be a challenge as I don’t believe quilting is known there. But I shall cross that bridge when I get to it; hopefully, it won’t cause a problem and wouldn’t be any different from someone having say 200 pairs of shoes!

Until next time, Hasta Pronto!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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