Must Keep Up With Changes

Just like here in the good ol’ U.S.A. where you must keep up with changes in laws, rules and regulations, one must do the same if going to another country. We have been alerted by our Ecuadorian Attorney that a new law has just gone into effect that changes the rules for residency there. Before you could either have permanent status by purchasing a home or land or by obtaining Residency through the immigration office and once approved would be permanent. Now instead of immediate permanent residency approval, you are given temporary residency visas that are good for 21 months.

That is the only information our attorney has at the moment as the law is so new not a whole lot of information is available. She will let us know as soon as she has all the information. We still plan on going to Ecuador; however, instead of immediate permanent status upon receipt of the Visa, it will take 21 months before we can obtain permanent status. The questions we are awaiting answers to are whether or not after 21 months we are granted permanent residency or if we have to reapply for permanent residency and resubmit all the documents we submitted previously. Will we have to submit “new” documentation as the current is only good for 180 days to obtain the current Visa?

Regardless of whether it is immediate granting of the Residency or Temporary for 21 months, we plan to make our move. The biggest change for us will be that we will not be given our Pensioner’s Credula’s until after 21 months, where under the old laws we would have been given the Ecuadorian ID approximately 1 week after our arrival. This change can also affect any Pensioner discounts we could receive as those could also be delayed for 21 months. Again, this is questions that our Ecuadorian Attorney will be finding the answers to and providing them to us. A GOOD Attorney will keep on top of changes so that their clients are not at a disadvantage and can make plans accordingly and won’t tell you don’t worry about it. This we have seen happen to others who have put out good money and things didn’t go as plan and their money was not refunded as it was “beyond” the attorney’s control; however, the attorney did not keep their client advised.

To make a long story short, it is prudent that you as the traveler, visitor or hope to be future resident of whatever country you have in your sights as your new home, keep abreast of any and all changes in the rules, laws and requirements of your future home country. That you have an excellent Attorney in that country who will keep you advised of any changes and/or warn you that you may need to meet additional requirements to gain your Visa or that you will no longer be able to obtain a Residency Visa and refund any moneys paid to the attorney since you did all that was required and the changes are due to no fault of your own.

Our adventure continues and, though not as smoothly as it started out, the road to Ecuador continues with a few curves to the destination. As soon as I learn more about the changes in the law, I will post what I have learned here. Until next time, my friends, have a great weekend and God Bless.

Hasta Pronto,

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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