In Limbo, Sort of …

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the law has changed in Ecuador regarding permanent residency visas. You now have to wait 21 months before being able to obtain permanent residency according to the new law.

We have received additional information that the granting of Residency Visas, temporary or otherwise, are currently suspended while the Immigration Office works out all the details on how Visas will be handled under the new law. Some of the questions that we are awaiting answers for are whether or not after 21 months the “temporary” Visa becomes a Permanent Residency Visa or whether one will have to reapply and go through all the paperwork once more. Under the old law, one would get their Ecuadorian ID or Credula about one week after getting their Permanent Residency Visa. Now, under the new law, you will not be able to obtain the ID until after 21 months. How that will affect pensioners obtaining the temporary visas remains to be seen.

We will continue with our efforts and are still planning our move. Whether it takes 21 months or just 6, we still plan to be living in beautiful Cuenca. Laws change all the time all over the world, one just has to be willing to roll with the punches, so to speak.

Until later, have a great weekend and enjoy all the best that life has to offer.

Hasta Pronto,

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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