Little Things Add Up

In getting ready for our move to Ecuador, it is amazing how much all the little things that need to be done add up. For example, it’s all well and good to purge those things that you no longer use or need, but it is equally important that one review all documents you have to see what need to be kept or can be disposed of by shredding.

Some of the documents that one must go through are all old tax receipts and records. According to the Federal Government, you should keep all tax records and supporting backup information for 7 years. If you are able to dispose of any of these documents, be sure that you SHRED them. This will help prevent identity theft plus protect you against fraud. Be especially careful that when shredding or even ripping up old documents that any signatures are totally destroyed as well as account numbers for banks, credit cards and any containing your social security numbers. If you have documents that have bar codes on them, be sure that those bar codes are destroyed as they will contain information that you cannot read, but someone with a bar code reader could. They sometimes have social security numbers, dates of birth, etc. embedded within their codes.

When you are shipping your household goods in a container, one of the things that they tell you NOT to include are personal papers, credit cards, jewelry, coin collections, etc. These are items you either need to pack in your suitcases or have boxed and transported in the plane with you or send to family members to ship to you once you are settled in to your new home country.

Today was spent going through documents and separating those items we needed to keep and those that could be destroyed. It’s amazing the kind of stuff one accumulates in the ordinary course of business.

In doing our income taxes for this year, we have found an Agent that is capable of doing not only our U.S. taxes but any foreign tax we may incur. That is definitely a plus as we can scan and transmit any and all tax documents to her and file our taxes that way. She is certified not only to go before the IRS, but to handle expat accounting as well.

We are currently waiting on our last Apostille document to be received and then all our documents will be forwarded to our Ecuadorian Attorney to be translated into Spanish and filed with the Ecuadorian Consulate. Then it’s just a matter of awaiting the Visas, temporary or otherwise to arrive. We are still looking at making our move by  the end of May or first part of June of this year.

It has been amazing just how fast everything has been obtained, finalized and sent to where it needs to be sent.

Now up to 61 boxes packed, which includes our collection of fine wines. You are able to take up to 32 liters of wine or alcohol with you without having to pay an import tax on them. For example a traditional size bottle of wine contains 720 ml. It takes 1000 ml to make 1 liter so a box of 12 bottles will equal 9 liters. Since wines and most other alcoholic drinks are more expensive to purchase in Ecuador, being able to bring those wines we enjoy is definitely a plus.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Until next time,

Hasta Pronto!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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2 Responses to Little Things Add Up

  1. Ally Bryant says:

    Terri, I have been enjoy your blog and your adventure on getting things ready for your move, I hope you keep your blog going once you move so we can all travel along with you and Ray on your adventures. Quite a while back I started a blog but it kinda fizzled out but reading others just recently so decided to try again a weekly blog. So thought I would let you know. It is I hope you take a momment to peek in. Right now I am learning as I go along but hope to improve the layout as I learn more.

    • Thanks Ally, I do plan on continuing the blog once we’ve moved. I will be taking photos and incorporating them into the blog to give people a peek into life in Ecuador as an expat as well as writing about the challenges and victories we have in learning the culture, the language and the do’s and don’ts of being good Ecuadorian citizens. Thanks so much for your comments and for following my blog. It’s fun to do and I don’t consider it work. At some point, I will be offering up art work that I create of Ecuador and its marvelous people. If you and your wonderful DH ever get the urge to visit, let me know and you will be our guest. Me casa es tu casa.

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