Think I need a break!

You know you need a break when you start having weird dreams connected to your packing, sorting and purging. Last night I felt like I was pinned to the bed and could not move. A huge figure slowly advanced towards me and try as I might I just could not move. Just as the figure reached the foot of the bed, I managed to break free of the bonds that held me. My poor cat went flying off the bed as I sat straight up. Apparently, my dear husband had rolled over on the blankets on one side of me, while the cat laid on the other, effectively pinning me in place. When you start dreaming of walking tape dispensers trying to attack you, then it’s time to take a break.

I have given away over 100 books on quilting, photography, painting, and other crafts, closed to 100 pounds of fabric, quilt patterns, china, bric-a-brac and a sundry other items. There are some Thomas Kincaid Christmas Village buildings that we are going to be taking to an E-Bay site to see if we can sell those, as well as a 1913 White Twig Treadle, that works like a dream. Current count is 149 boxes. In that count are the loose items, bed, book cases, etc. Each of those items have to have either a label or a tag with a number on it and has to be listed in the inventory. I have come up with creative ways to attach the number to the furniture without damaging the finish. Most will be stuck on the back and, hopefully they will stay in place. I am using mailing labels or address labels for this task. Some items, however, such as the band saw, rolling tool chest, will have to have a tag creatively attached in such a way that the number is visible, yet won’t be easily removed or torn off.

We have discovered that a 40-cargo container is about the same size as our garage, so what will fit in there will fit in the container. As we pack, we have to remember that we can’t mix clothing and shoes together as you are only allowed to ship 200 pounds of clothes per person and the shoes could throw the weight off. Gee, are there people who have 200 pounds of clothes? I can’t even imagine a closet big enough to hold that amount.

To give ourselves a break, we will be going to visit one of my husband’s cousins in Winter Park, Florida and attend a baseball game. I haven’t been to a baseball game since my children were little. Looking forward to eating some hot dogs. Baseball and football games always seem to have the best hot dogs.

Hope all have a great week. Wishing you all the best.

Hasta Pronto!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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