Touching Base

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter and that you were surrounded by the love and laughter of friends and family. Easter has always been one of my favorite celebrations on the Christian calendar. While I remember the reasons why we celebrate this holy holiday, I also remember dying Easter Eggs with my children, waiting until they were sound asleep and then assembling their baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps and lots and lots of jelly beans. Once that was accomplished, I then hid the eggs for them to search for in the egg hunt that would take place when we returned from church services. Even now I can hear their squeals of delight and yelling to each other, “I found one!” or “I’ll trade you this yellow egg for your blue one” or “trade you all my jelly beans for your peeps!”

There isn’t a whole lot to report in the way of news regarding the Visa, but we do know that it is being reviewed and, hopefully, we should hear something by the end of May. We are patient as we know it will come when Ecuador is ready to release it and not before then. While we wait, we are purging, cleaning, tossing and packing.

Today we had a realtor come by and look over the house to see what they thought would be a good asking price. We have a  3-bedroom, 2 bath, 1717 square foot home with new water heater, hurricane resistant garage door, new furnace, air conditioner, air-conditioning duct work, new dishwasher and microwave. We are even including a 3-seat hot tub. We have been told that the market is good and our house should go quickly; however, we do need to de-clutter before anyone ever steps through the door. The realtor told us that the optimum time to put the house on the market would be about mid-May, which is what we thought.

By putting it on the market then, it will allow the house to be viewed, hopefully sold fast, and the settlement take place while we are still here in the U.S. I have settled on a house out of the country before and I really don’t want to do that again. Hardest thing I ever did. So now in addition to packing, we are painting, cleaning, and prepping the house to be ready to be put on the market.

Hopefully, I will still have my sanity when all this is over and done. In all seriousness, I welcome the challenge to see just what I can accomplish in a short amount of time. Most of our packing is completed, but still have items we use everyday, clothes and such that will have to wait until the last possible moment to be packed. As it stands now, we have 199 boxes/tubs packed. They are occupying space in the garage and in closets. Amazing just what you can hide when the need arises.

May each and every one of you have a wonderful week and may you enjoy all the very best that life has to offer. Until later my friends.

Hasta Pronto!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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One Response to Touching Base

  1. Ally Bryant says:

    Sounds like everything is coming together Terri and Ray. Hope your house sells fast. They seem to be selling so fast around here. I am enjoying following along with your adventure. Started a blog myself. At

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