Going With the Flow

Things are beginning to move quickly here and we are having to make a few changes because of it. Ecuador has changed it’s immigration laws and the way Visa’s are obtained. Due to this change, our application for a Visa-via-Cable has been put on hold and the Visa’s are in limbo while they work out the new language and such.

As I stated before, sometimes you have to go with the flow and be willing to make changes in order to obtain the prize, in this case, our Residency Visas. When you apply for a Visa, you submit documentation that has been certified and apostilized  proving that you have a certain income, you have no criminal record and proving your date and place of birth or marriage. These documents, once obtained, have an expiration date, which is generally 180 days from the date they are certified/apostilized. In our case that end date is July 23, 2017.

In order to avoid having to re-submit and re-order documentation, we will be traveling to Cuenca, Ecuador on either June 7th or 8th and will go directly to the Immigration Office in Cuenca. We hadn’t planned on doing this so quickly, but sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

We are quickly finishing up our packing and doing some very heavy purging. Our house will soon be put on the market, our car sold and the decision to ship or not ship our furniture will be made. If possible, we may store our household goods until we have received our Visas. While we would love to have our things with us, if that isn’t possible, we can always rent a fully furnished home.  This is the decision we must make in the next few days.

Things may not be going according to plan; however, we are very determined to be living in the country that has stolen our hearts. To that end, we make adjustments, take a deep breath and say a prayer that things will go more smoothly once we are in Cuenca.

I will keep you updated on how our adventure progresses. We have our eye on the prize and are going forward.

Until later my friends, all the best to you and yours and remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Hasta Pronto,

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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2 Responses to Going With the Flow

  1. BJ says:

    It is so good that you are ‘flexible’ and can adjust to things as the rules change, etc. I’m sure the furniture decision may be a tough one, but you’ll determine what will be best for you. You are much in my thoughts and prayers.

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