Adjustments and Countdown

As I mentioned in my last post we were planning on leaving for Cuenca, Ecuador on May 7th or 8th. Well, a few adjustments had to be made and delayed our departure until the 16th of June. This date is set in stone as we have our airline tickets and a one night hotel stay in Guayaquil on the evening of the 16th. We didn’t want to travel to Cuenca in the dark from the airport as we have not been to this area of the country and wanted to see what it looks like as we make our way to our new “home” town. Also, we will be staying with a delightful friend and didn’t want to get there late at night so we will arrive there later in the day.

Our home will go on the market next week and the week after that we will be selling our car. On June 15th, the movers will arrive to load the container, wrap what little furniture we are taking and put it into storage until we are ready to have it shipped to Ecuador. Now we could ship it now; however, without proof of our Visas, we would be required to post a sizable bond. I would rather have that money being used for something else and we can wait. This will give us plenty of time to find a nice place to call home and get familiar with our surroundings.

When we are ready, all we do is send an email to the company, along with a scan showing our Ecuadorian documentation, and in 10 days time our belongings will be delivered. We are also obtaining insurance to protect ourselves in case of loss. Not that we expect anything to happen, but you never know.

It will be strange not having to jump in a car to go to the store or shopping in Ecuador, but so looking forward to no longer having the expense of car repairs, auto insurance, license plates or gas. Being able to walk everywhere will be wonderful and if we do need to travel by vehicle, there is always the bus for 15 cents or a taxi for $1.50. When we were in Ecuador last November, my wonderful husband and I lost 10 pounds with all the walking and we ate healthier.

I leave you with this thought, never give up on your dreams or put them off promising yourself “some day, when I can afford it,” or “some day when the time is right.” Problem with that is that there is no guarantee that you will have that “some day.” We do not want to look back on our life wondering what life would have been like somewhere else and wishing we had done what we are doing now.

Until later my friends, wishing you and yours all the best that life has to offer. Take care and may God bestow his blessings on you and yours and keep you safe and healthy.

Hasta Pronto!

Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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