Good Morning Ecuador

On Friday we arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador and stayed overnight. Saturday we departed Guayaquil and headed towards Cuenca. The ride was an adventure in itself.

As we headed South, traffic was brisk. At stop a stop,light a street mime stepped in front of the car trying to get our attention. It is not unusual to see street performers or vendors hawking wares like fresh-cut pineapple slices. Then we proceeded up into the Cajas where we were greeted by fog. It was unbelievable how fast people drove and passed vehicles in this thick cotton of clouds. At one point our driver even passed a truck, with little room to spare and return to the proper lane before a vehicle from the opposite direction appeared out of the fog.

While Ecuadorians are very laid back in their everyday life, they are loco when they drive. Surprisingly, there are very few accidents as they are excellent drivers.

We arrived in Cuenca around 3:30 p.m. to be greeted by our hostess, Heather Penden, and to a delightfully delicious meal, some conversation and then bed. I slept the most wonderful sleep I’ve had in years. Now I must get ready for church where we can thank the good Lord proper for our safe travels.

Enjoy the pictures of our foggy travels, until next time my friends, take care and God bless you.

Hasta Pronto,

Terri at the Drake’S Nest


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