Wonderful day of Exploration

Today we went exploring our new homeland and headed to El Centro and Parque de Calderon. It was our trip there that we found a delightful taxi driver who speaks a little English and he gave us his name, cell number and cab number. I will help him with his English and he will help us with our Spanish. We will still have to find a way to church as he does not work Sunday mornings.

We went to the Sunrise Cafe for brunch and Thursdays special is steak and eggs. It was delicious and for both meals with potatoes and drinks was $12.00. After a pleasant meal, we went to the Mercado. This is a building three blocks long and three stories high where you can find fresh produce, fresh fruits, spices, meats that are fresh and not frozen, clothing and so much more. If you are not sure about something, they will give you samples to try. It’s amazing what a dollar will buy.

After the Mercado, we strolled down a side street that, every Thursday, has vendors plying their wares from clothing to shoes to fresh-cut flowers. We purchased two Ecuadorian style shirts for my wonderful hubby and a beautiful wrap for me. Also found a beautiful table cover and a queen size baby alpaca blanket. Total bill was $30.00. The Ecuadorians love to barter over the price and will state one price, but to make a sale they will lower the prices substantially to keep you from going elsewhere. What we purchased there today would have been well over $100.00 or more in the states.

While looking at some fresh-cut flowers, the church in the square had its doors open and you could hear the choir singing for the mass. It was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.

From El Centro it was on to the Monay Shopping Mall and the Coral market. Here we had a delicious treat called a granita. It is made up of frozen yogurt and the equivalent of a fruit slush. Then it was on to get a few more groceries and a blender. One of the things that is impressive is that they will open your appliance and make sure it works before you leave the store.

Now we are home and relaxing after a marvelous day of exploration. Ami nuestro nuevo hogar. I love our new home. Until next time, may God bless each and everyone of you and may you live life to its fullest.

Hasta Pronto,

Terri at the Drakes Nest

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