Life is good!

We are really getting adventuresome in our explorations. Yesterday we hopped a bus we thought was going in the direction we wanted to go, which was in to the area near where we go to church so we could see how long it would take to get there.

I told my wonderful spouse I thought we were going in the wrong direction, but he was sure it was the right way, so we settled into our seats and were enjoying the ride when the bus began to climb into the surrounding hillside. The view was lovely, but it was a definite oops! Wrong way.

After a while the bus made a u-turn in an area barely big enough for a car much less a bus. It pulled behind two other buses and then stopped and turned off its motor. A very elderly Ecuadorian lady, probably the drivers mother, began to scold us and pointed to the door for us to get off. We walked to the first bus in line and I pointed to the bus to get on and it was fine. We finally ended up where we wanted to be and went to our favorite restaurant for lunch.

Today we decided to once again do a bus trip, this time to El Centro, the historic area of Cuenca. We knew which bus number and I told hubby that we could catch it in front of the Monay Mall, but he didn’t think it stopped there. So we proceeded to walk in the opposite direction I felt we should be going. After a bit, we turned to the Moveit app on the phone and found where we could get the bus. Once on board, the bus traveled toward the Mall and stopped at a stop there. My darling husband admitted that I had been right and I just smiled.

We made it to El Centro and went to the Sunrise Cafe for a delicious lunch. I tried the fish special, which was a marvelous white fish from the Amazon called spichey. At least I think that’s how it is spelled. We found some wonderful treasures for our home, some fruits at the Mercado and then headed home.

In the two weeks that we have been here, we have walked thirty miles and lost ten pounds between us. Life is good here.

Until next time, enjoy a few pictures of our new home country.

Hasta Pronto,

Terri at the Drakes Nest

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4 Responses to Life is good!

  1. BJ says:

    Now that is a great weight loss plan you are on…. move to a new country and have no car! So glad it is going so great for you.

    • Thank BJ. We are thoroughly enjoying our new life here. There are challenges with the language barrier, but we are slowly learning and are enjoying the challenge. Terri at the Drakes Nest

  2. Ned says:

    Hmmmm, looking at your pics I’m thinking you’re out near us, in the Parque San Sebastian area? Maybe we’ll see each other at Casa Azul some morning.

    • Hi Ned, Actually, we are living near the Monay Shopping Mall. We’re near Gonzales Surez and Pumapongo, which turns into Thuantinsuyo. We’ll have to get together some time, would love to meet you and your family. All the best, Terri at the Drake’s Nest.

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