Going with the Flow

Sometimes things don’t always work out the way you plan. For instance, we were suppose to have gone on a trip to a zoo, falcon rescue and then a delicious lunch; however, those plans were canceled due to it being rainy and cold. Unfortunately, we were not notified of the cancellation until after we arrived at the meeting place and there were only four of us there. The cancellation notification came on one of the participants cell phone. It was nice to have been notified, but for those of us living 20-30 minutes away via taxi or bus, it would have been nicer to have been notified sooner. Oh well, you go with the flow.

It is amazing how it was bothersome the late notification, but for some reason it didn’t bother us nearly half as much as it would have in the states. The person responsible was notified that an earlier cancellation notification would have been better, but that was the end of it.

The same can be said of thinking you’ve found the perfect place to live and then after a month of living in the place you discover that it isn’t all it was cracked up to be. We are in the process of looking for a new place to live as this penthouse, as beautiful as the views are and as big as it is, just isn’t working for us. No fault of ours or the realtor who found us this place, but that of the building manager for not doing preventative maintenance on the building, its elevators and security gates. We are lucky in that we are very good friends with the party who found us this place and she totally understands why we are unhappy. We made a point of letting her know none of this is her fault and are very glad none of this will affect our friendship. The outcome would have been much different in the states and we would have been more or less on our own in dealing with the landlord, etc.

My darling husband and I were talking the other night about how different things are here and how much we feel like we belong here in Ecuador and how much we feel like we are home. We have lived all over the U.S. and never had that feeling of “home” or belonging in any given area. But now we totally understand a comment a dear friend of ours made when she had return to the U.S. to visit family. She said that visiting the U.S. was nice, but she couldn’t wait to get home to “her” Ecuador.

With all the challenges of language, culture and getting here, everything always seems to work out. It is almost as if we are “suppose” to be here and that this is indeed home.

Our Spanish lessons are coming along nicely and we have a fantastic tutor. He is from Spain and has been living here for almost four years now. We got a big laugh when he told us that someone told him that for a “gringo, he speaks really good Spanish!” We are finding that we are beginning to understand more and more of what people are saying and even being able to give the correct response. We still have a long way to go, but it feels great knowing that we are slowly making some strides with communication.

Today we took a #3 bus with the intention of going to our favorite restaurant in El Centro as the bus stop was directly across the street from the restaurant. However, going in the direction of El Centro from our area of Cuenca, the bus does not go down that particular street. So we enjoyed riding to the end of the line just to see where it went. We ended up in the Cajas in an area with beautiful views and the homes and businesses looked like old Ecuador. There were a lot of Ecuadorians in the native dress and with as tall as we are, we felt like Gulliver in the land of Lilliputians. My husband is 6 foot 4 inches and we would see people staring at us and off and on would hear the comment “muey grande.” It just made us laugh. We hear that quite a lot when he folds his tall frame into a small taxi. We’ll just laugh and say, “Si, muey, muey, grande!”

Hope that all is well in your little corner of the world. Just remember to go with the flow as we don’t always have control of things in our life. Don’t sweat the small stuff, because it’s ALL small stuff! Take care and God bless,

Terri at the Drake’s Nest


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2 Responses to Going with the Flow

  1. Cindy says:

    Terri, love keeping up with your posts. Just need to ask, what is the beautiful tree with the fluffy pink blooms? You’re so right, we need to all learn how to go with the flow. Hugs to you, Cindy

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