Times are Changing

Well, we finally received our container, but almost did not. We were told that our container would be delivered on Saturday morning and we were excited. Then came the WhatsApp message, “due to there  having been two inspections, you owe another $1,064 before it can be released from port.”

What? Another payment for a second inspection! Wait a minute, that second inspection was not our fault. It was caused because the company we used had failed to list 27 items that were on their packing list that was on my inventory and they should have to pay, not me! We were told we had to deposit the sum into the customs account or the container would not be released and would incur additional fees of $200 per day.

We had no choice but to pay the “ransome” to free our belongings and bring them home. Okay, whatever it takes, we want our belongings! People are beginning to think we only have five changes of clothing. So off to the bank in Miraflores, only to discover they are not open on Saturday. I am close to tears, we have to make the deposit by 10:00 a.m. or no container. Luckily, a security guard told us the branch in Mall Del Rio was open. Quick jump in a cab and we are on our way. Phew, deposit made with time to spare.

I quickly photograph the deposit receipt, send the photo to the port as prof of compliance and we are told our container will arrive in the afternoon. Great, right! Wrong, the container now had to wait for a driver to be able to exit the port. Okay, how long can that take. Our container is now scheduled to arrive at 7:00 p.m.

Finally get word that they are in the area, but can’t find the house. With my very limited Spanish, manage to direct them here and they park the container on our very narrow street, totally blocking the street and the driveways of several homes. Neighbors are not happy! Several have asked how long it is going to take, they want to park in their gated driveways. Now no one can get in or out of the street as it is blocked by vehicles and a 40 foot container.

It is now after ten at night and the empty container is ready to leave. Great, now the back up alarm goes off and continues until it has backed out onto the main road, air brakes sound and it starts pulling away. Hey, I think one of my neighbors just taught me a phrase that isn’t included in our lessons! Have to ask about that one.

Totally exhausted, but happy to have all our things. Now comes the chore of unpacking and seeing what survived the transit from the States to Ecuador. I dread opening the crushed boxes.

Yes, times are changing, and for the better. We are now totally and completely in our new home country. Even with the massive roller coaster ride we have had, life is good and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I will post more on the snafu at the Port later and how you can avoid those problems. Until next time my friends,

Hasta Pronto and God Bless,

Terri at the Drakes Nest


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