Who Stole My Time.

Well, it seems good intentions mean nothing to,Father Time. I think he must be taking my time away and giving it to someone else. Hard to believe my last post was February! I really thought I posted one yesterday.

It is very hard to believe that we have been here almost a full ten months. Well do I remember our deer in the headlight look when we took our first excursion, alone, around Cuenca. How busy we were looking up at all the majestic cathedrals, the towering fragrant trees and flowering plants. So busy in fact that we often forgot to look down and would just miss stepping into a hole in the sidewalk. Now we can tell the “tourist” from those who live here, we are looking down and out and not so much up unless we have stopped walking.

In the ten months we have been here, we have been teaching English to migrant and immigrant children, have been adopted by two Ecuadorian families, have taken several trips and I have starred in a theatrical performance! We have been so busy, that I have to keep a calendar so I don’t forget where I am supposed to be. Makes me wonder how I ever managed to get anything done in the States when I was working.

It is definitely a good and healthy life style here. We walk everywhere, or bicycle and the food is always fresh with no preservatives or GMOs. Things are so good health wise, in fact, that my darling husband and I have each lost 45 pounds. He is no longer on blood pressure medication or cholesterol medication and I no longer require the cholesterol medication either. Just a baby aspirin and we are good to go. Doctors here have told us our numbers are perfect! That is great news, especially since my husband was considered pre-diabetic and obese.

Right now, I am a little under the weather, must have been caused by removing my shoes and taking part in a cleansing ceremony in the mountains. Was a tad bit chilly for that, but would not have missed it for the world. So, I will sign off for now and will post again on the recent trips so that I can share the beauty that is part of my new home country.

Until next time, live well, enjoy life and God bless,


Terri at the Drake’s Nest

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