Still here

I cannot believe that my last post was in April! Where does the time go. I can remember when I was much younger how time seemed to drag by, especially when I was in school. Summer vacation seemed to take forever to get here. Now that I am older, Time seems to fly faster than Haley’s Comet.

I have been busy, busy,busy. There have been several trips, which I promise to share soon. Have had a visitor from Florida, who ended up becoming ill and was sick almost the entire two weeks she was here. Of course that had to happen in the middle of our move from a super large house to a lovely three bedroom apartment that has more room for less rent. So we are much happier and, so far so good, love where we are. Our landlord is a sweetie who lives in the building and owns it as well. He has given us a three-year lease that even tells us what the rent will go up to at the end of the lease. No surprises at the end of the lease and we like that. The last landlord tried to raise the rent before our lease was up and then jumper from $850 per month to wanting $1200 per month! That was for a two bedroom.

I have been busy taking a Master in Drawing class, designing and making banners for our church, helping with an art fund-raiser by painting rocks and will be marching in a parade in January playing a kazoo! More on that later.

Well, this will be short as we are having a thunderstorm and I never play on the computer during a storm. Will leave you with a few pictures of bits of art. Until next time, take care and God bless.

Hasta Pronto,

Terri at The Drakes Nest

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2 Responses to Still here

  1. Ally says:

    Thanks for sharing your art work, you have been busy. How is Ray, does he do hobbies in your new home. I am getting ready for a show and have about 11-12 thread paintings, plus lots of other items. I did sell one of my painting to a gal in Florida which I was really pleased about.
    We had a wonderful trip to England and I have posted on my blog some pictures of our trip. You can find them at.
    Glad you are enjoying life in your new home and surroundings, say hi to Ray for us.
    Hugs my friend.

    • Hi Ally, nice to hear from you. Enjoyed reading about your trip. Haven’t been able to log into the Quilt site on Connecting threads as it keeps telling me I am not a member. Will try again later.
      One of the art quilts I created with the group I belong to in Florida is going to be in for quilt shows in 2019 as part of a special exhibit. It will be in the Mancuso International Show in Tampa, and three AQS shows – Hampton Roads Virginia, Grand Rapids Michigan and, are you ready for this, Paducah, Kentucky! I am just over the moon.
      Ray enjoys playing on his computer, going for walks and exploring our new home country with me. He enjoys encouraging me to get out, do my art, but he prefers to just stay home. He did surprise me, however, by signing up, with me, to be in a parade playing Kazoos in January.
      Thanks for following, will have more later.
      Hasta Pronto,
      Terri at he Drake’s Nest.

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